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It was clear that God asked me to write this story. It is a story of His grace and redemption. Truly our God is a God of second chances.

Annie B. Carwyn
Author, Evermark

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What People Are Saying:

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    Mike Erre

    Pastor and Author

    "Evermark is a courageous story of God’s unrelenting love and grace, especially in the midst of hardship and grief. In the real world of betrayal and sorrow and anger, the majesty and power of sacrificial forgiveness is made all the more beautiful."

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    Doug Fields

    Author, Speaker, Consultant

    “A captivating story of restoration and redemption, Evermark shares a woman’s courageous choice and journey to remain married following her husband’s infidelity.  Poignantly written, it clearly illustrates the message of what it means to follow God’s will regardless of circumstances. A beautiful story of marriage, family, faith, and unconditional love.”

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Roselyn thought she had it all – a beautiful family, a comfortable home, and a devoted husband.  But life as she knew it in the sleepy 17th century village of Avendale would come to a crushing halt when she discovers her husband’s criminal affair.  With her husband behind bars, her children to care for, and her reputation shattered, how could she go on? Suddenly alone in a harsh world, Roselyn must decide to flee or abide by the Sacred Writings of old.
With invaluable insights into the healing process following a spouse’s infidelity, Evermark shares a tale of the hope of redemption. Truly a “beauty from ashes” story, this novel is a must-read for both men and women alike.

About The Author

Annie Carwyn resides in California with her husband, two daughters, and a menagerie of furry friends. With a masters degree in education, she spends the majority of her time teaching in her own tutoring facility where she helps students with reading and writing. When she isn’t working with students, she can be found out on the trails riding her white Arabian mare, Amirah.

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